What to expect from me

When you first make contact we will arrange an appointment for an initial session, the aim of which will be for us to think together about your needs and decide whether therapy may be helpful for you. I respond to all queries promptly and in confidence.

The first session allows us to meet and decide if we want to work together and gives you some time to tell me your story. I believe that it is important to find the right therapist for you as this can make a substantial difference to the outcome of therapy. At the end of the first session you may decide that you want to continue with further sessions on a regular basis. These sessions may be at the same time and day each week or fortnight depending on what is suitable for you.

What Happens in Therapy?


Sessions last for 50 minutes and I offer day and evening appointments.

You can usually expect some change within around six sessions.

The cost for  a session is £50

Counselling and psychotherapy is a collaborative process where through a series of regular sessions we work together to explore and understand your difficulties, bringing the unconscious into the conscious.

My role is to help you understand how you relate to others by facilitating self-exploration and helping you to recognise unhelpful patterns in your life. We will have regular reviews of the work to ensure we stay on track and that the sessions are meeting your needs.


Therapy is a unique relationship, and you may reveal things about which you’ve spoken to few, if any, other people. All your communication with me — whether in person, or by telephone or email — will remain confidential.

To make an appointment simply call 0778 033 8023